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Open application (game) on your device, click on the START button, and follow further instructions.
How to hack Lords & Castles - Epic Empires?

The best way to hack Lords & Castles - Epic Empires is using the online generator. Also, you can use cheat codes.

How to use cheat codes?

To enter cheat codes in Lords & Castles - Epic Empires, you must open the cheat console where you can enter cheats. If you have any problems with using cheat codes for Lords & Castles - Epic Empires, just use the online tool (link available on this page).

What is Lords & Castles - Epic Empires generator?

Lords & Castles - Epic Empires generator is an online tool for gamers. You can generate unlimited in-app-purchases with the Lords & Castles - Epic Empires generator.

How to use the online generator?

Just open the game on your device, then click the “START” button on this page and follow further instructions, you will be connected automatically.

Do I need administrator privileges to use the online generator for Lords & Castles - Epic Empires?

No, it's a server-side application. Hack-tool works online without Jailbreak (for iOS) or ROOT (for Android).

Is it safe to use the Lords & Castles - Epic Empires generator?

Absolutely. This hack tool is up to date and 100% safe to use. We never ask your login related information. Your game account is safe.

How long does it take to hack Lords & Castles - Epic Empires online?

Just minutes. Usually, it takes less than 5 minutes.


Lords & Castles - Epic Empires Android Cheats:

[$4.99FREE] Value Pack cheat code: 072F301AD25C
[$49.99FREE] Hyper Value Pack cheat code: 08971B041EB3
[$9.99FREE] Super Value Pack cheat code: 03532D36F88A
[$99.99FREE] Ultra Value Pack cheat code: 02DBDFB4E271
[$19.99FREE] Mega Value Pack cheat code: 0CFE79136B23
[$0.99FREE] Flash Offer cheat code: 08FA328D8240

Lords & Castles - Epic Empires iOS (iPhone) Cheats:

[$4.99FREE] Value Pack cheat code: FE1967D5B8
[$49.99FREE] Hyper Value Pack cheat code: 217A821F96
[$9.99FREE] Super Value Pack cheat code: 9BE598ACCC
[$99.99FREE] Ultra Value Pack cheat code: A835D9D1FB
[$19.99FREE] Mega Value Pack cheat code: A9ADDA84B2
[$0.99FREE] Flash Offer cheat code: B326AF7594

Lords & Castles - Epic Empires

What kind of king would you be? Are you ready to rule a kingdom?

Take control of your own realm, and turn it into the most powerful one. Defeat your enemies, and conquer the world!

Be part of the evolution of the strategy genre. Design the best defense by designing every aspect of your realm. Create mountains, dig moats, and place buildings in strategic positions. Give your archers an advantage by placing them in the top of a hill, or build a moat around your castle.

Once your city is well protected, recruit an army from more than 20 different troops, and attack your enemies. Summon great leaders of history that will help you in your adventure. Let Julius Caesar lead your army, and call Cleopatra to manage the defense of your city in your absence.


Arrange the buildings wisely in order to make your subjects happy, and gain their favor. Peasants, and workers prefer to live near the protection of the castle. A tavern in the neighborhood is also appreciated.


Science is your ally! Your scientist can help your kingdom. Ask them to research new technologies to improve your weapons, and your defenses. They can also make your crops more efficient.


If you are king, why would you not be able to decide every detail of your city? Build hills, and mountains, create valleys, and dig moats. Use the terrain to improve the defenses of your kingdom.


Attack your enemies’ kingdoms to get extra resources. Destroy their defenses and plunder your rivals’ castles.


Summon great leaders from all times to help you in battle. Recruit William Wallace, Lincoln, or Cleopatra, among others, to defend your city, and attack your enemies.


Help your soldiers to defend your land by creating mountains and digging moats. Take advantage of the terrain to improve your defenses!


Join your friends to build a powerful kingdom. Ally with other kingdoms, and sign treaties with them to protect them, or to force them to help you in time of war.


Select a country, and start to build your kingdom. Make it the most powerful one, conquer all the territories around you, and create an empire.


- Design your city. Create mountains, and dig holes to defend it.

- Attack other players’ land, and defend yourself from them

- Chat with other players

- All game modes can be played for free

- Sign in to Game Center to play on various devices

- Optimized for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

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