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Open application (game) on your device, click on the START button, and follow further instructions.
How to hack Devil Shard?

The best way to hack Devil Shard is using the online generator. Also, you can use cheat codes.

How to use cheat codes?

To enter cheat codes in Devil Shard, you must open the cheat console where you can enter cheats. If you have any problems with using cheat codes for Devil Shard, just use the online tool (link available on this page).

What is Devil Shard generator?

Devil Shard generator is an online tool for gamers. You can generate unlimited in-app-purchases with the Devil Shard generator.

How to use the online generator?

Just open the game on your device, then click the “START” button on this page and follow further instructions, you will be connected automatically.

Do I need administrator privileges to use the online generator for Devil Shard?

No, it's a server-side application. Hack-tool works online without Jailbreak (for iOS) or ROOT (for Android).

Is it safe to use the Devil Shard generator?

Absolutely. This hack tool is up to date and 100% safe to use. We never ask your login related information. Your game account is safe.

How long does it take to hack Devil Shard online?

Just minutes. Usually, it takes less than 5 minutes.


Devil Shard Android Cheats:

[$0.99FREE] 1000G cheat code: 0D2878F12C3A
Buy 1000G in game
[$1.99FREE] 2500G cheat code: 088EDEEE5DB2
Buy 2500G in game
[$4.99FREE] 7500G cheat code: 02BD12CD8FF8
Buy 7500G in game
[$9.99FREE] 17500G cheat code: 0F5175D4EF2F
Buy 17500G in game
[$19.99FREE] 40000G cheat code: 040A2DC85A5C
Buy 40000G in game
[$29.99FREE] 75000G cheat code: 0B5F2BC47C32
Buy 75000G in game

Devil Shard iOS (iPhone) Cheats:

[$0.99FREE] 1000G cheat code: 48EBCCA122
Buy 1000G in game
[$1.99FREE] 2500G cheat code: BC4EE17CE5
Buy 2500G in game
[$4.99FREE] 7500G cheat code: E240F309C1
Buy 7500G in game
[$9.99FREE] 17500G cheat code: B61B9786E4
Buy 17500G in game
[$19.99FREE] 40000G cheat code: 0994C29570
Buy 40000G in game
[$29.99FREE] 75000G cheat code: 7400C61606
Buy 75000G in game

Devil Shard 8/10 - "A brilliant and seamless combination of match-three, RPG, and turn-based combat that belies the simplicity of its excellent design"


Devil Shard is a retro style match-3 RPG. You play as a hero who needs to stop a war caused by the emperor. During the journey you will discover more than the truth and face a great evil.


- Combines RPG elements with match-3 rules puzzle game

- Easily plan your combos by swapping adjacent tiles even if they don't create a match 3

- Unlock and summon 9 powerful incarnations to fight for you

- 37 different enemies hoping to end your journey

- 32 equipment with different abilities to collect and upgrade

- 9 incarnations with unique abilities to unlock, upgrade and fight for you

- 8 stages to complete with stories to experience

- Unlock a hidden stage after finishing the story

- 36 achievements to conquer

- The hidden stage features: high scores, new loots, new bosses, a true ending, and 2 powerful incarnations



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